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6 Figures in 12 Months: How to Meet or Surpass Your Revenue Goals as a Real Estate Agent

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You are a newly licensed real estate agent. Now what? Maybe you’ve had your real estate license for a while but have hit a plateau. How do you start moving again? 6 Figures in 12 Months: How to Meet or Surpass Your Revenue Goals as a Real Estate Agent teaches you how to become a six-figure real estate agent, but it is more than just a how-to book for the new real estate agent. It also tells you what current real estate agents who earn six figures do in terms of self-development.

Why learn these lessons on your own? This book gives you a boost by telling you what they do and what they use to succeed. 6 Figures in 12 Months explains different stages real estate agents go through so you know we have all been where you are. I give you the tools, apps, practices, and technology I use in my successful real estate brokerage to help you be more efficient and effective as a real estate agent so you can stand out from the crowd fast and consistently.

They didn’t teach you this stuff in real estate school, and many firms don’t give new agents real estate training to help them be successful. I know this from experience. I want you to succeed because I know you can. You became a realtor for a reason. This is why I know with the information in this book and your own motivation, you will be and can be a new real estate agent above all others and make that six-figure income.