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The Job Closer: Time-Saving Techniques for Acing Resumes, Interviews, Negotiations, and More

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The author of The 2-Hour Job Search shows you how to land your dream job, from writing the perfect resume and cover letter to nailing any interview and negotiating your offer

Steve Dalton’s 2-Hour Job Search simplified the process of finding work by utilizing technology, and now The Job Closer helps you seal the deal by applying his time-saving techniques to the surrounding steps. As a career consultant, Dalton has found that job seekers routinely overinvest in trivial aspects of the employment hunt while underestimating the important ones.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to avoid wasted effort and excel in all areas by using tools such as:

The FIT Model, which helps job seekers nail the answer to “Tell me about yourself” using principles from the world of screenwritingThe RAC Model, perfect for writing efficient cover letters and answering “Why this company or job?” in an interviewThe CAR Matrix, designed to help you craft compelling interview stories and deploy them in the most powerful wayThe Prenegotiation Call, which takes the awkwardness out of asking for more and turns your negotiator from an adversary into a partner

And many more.

The Job Closer will leave you with more time for networking, making meaningful connections, and showcasing your unique talents, so your odds of success in landing the perfect job improve exponentially