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Peter Theil's Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future Summa

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Peter Thiel and Blake Masters explicate what is needed to set up a huge empire. They will make you learn how to stand class apart and still be most valuable. They will also acquaint you with the elements that make you build a profitable monopoly. This is not a book on tips for moneymaking. Peter Thiel and Blake Masters share hits and errors. Find out from their experiences what made some companies a huge success or what made some companies fail miserably. You will not find any instant shortcuts for success, but you will learn how to build a start-up company with tremendous potential to turn into an industry leader. Zero to One explains you how you can grab an opportunity that knocks on your door and utilize it to the fullest. Ideas you will discover from this book:

How to anticipate the grade of the business How to gear up for the time to come How to make every situation and location advantageous for yourself How to set up an empire of wealth How to build up and lead a team that loves your business and works for you boundlessly How to stand class apart and still be worthy How to grow from nothing to everything How to acknowledge the opportunities that come your way but you hardly notice

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