Atlanta Singles Dating Myths: There is Not Enough to Go Around

Several years ago the media got a hold of a statistic that once women reach a certain age their chances for marriage dwindle dramatically.

Just like the media to take one line from one study and play it with lots of drama. It then becomes truth in the minds of many.

What this does is foster the myth that good partners are scarce and hard to find. If this its true, then you beter settle for whatever you can find.

Results of this myth

In a word, desperation. You stay with somemone who is not right for you, just to be with someone. Sets up a miserable situation.

What to do

This is one of those situtations where attitude is everything. When you approoach dating from an attitude of scarcity, you see scarcity. When you approach dating from an attitude of plenty and abundance, you see plenty and abundance.

Believing there is a limited supply of possible partners, so you have to take what you can get or be alone. Results in relationship failure when you settle for less and compromise your Requirements. A self-fulfilling prophecy when you get less because you expect less.

Do not settle for less than what is right for you. Your best chance for a successful relationship lies in your choosing what is right for you.

Source by Jeff Herring