How to Get in a Winning Mood For Your Job Interview

Doesn’t it make sense to prepare yourself mentally as well for your job interview? Having that inner confidence and poise will shine through to the interviewer when you walk in that door and give you even more of an advantage over all of your competitors – not sitting in the waiting room. If you are nervous it will show in your body language and your speech.

1. How do you do that you might say? There are so many methods you can utilise; I would like to give you a couple to think about.There is a saying and it’s this “Fake it until you make it” That’s what you have to do you have to become an actor – we all know how excruciating it is to go and be interviewed or tested if you like by a complete stranger where you may have a whole 15 minutes to impress them.

2. Ever heard of NLP? NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming or in simple English it is retraining the brain to think and act in certain ways. I first learned about it through my coaching course. The overriding thing to get- is this that you can retrain or reprogram your brain to think differently and therefore act differently. Most of it makes perfect sense when you start to practice some of it. In NLP they use anchors to change our state or change the way we are feeling like from nervous to calm. The right anchor will trigger off a good state a good feeling so in NLP they use a good feeling anchor to get you into the right state.

3. Try this exercise First you need to find your feel good anchor Think back to a time when you felt on top of the world maybe it’s when you won your tennis or netball final or when you got married or your first job. Think about what you were feeling joy, elation, pride, satisfaction, spend a few minutes on these feelings, what were you wearing spend a few minutes on this what was going on around you was there a certain smell. For example every time I smell lantana, it takes me straight back to when I was six years old,to hot summers filled with ice creams and happy feelings. Was there music playing,was it hot, cold,windy still. What did you touch was there silk, grass, people a trophy?

This memory is your good feeling anchor, your uptime state- your good feeling state, you can access anytime you like. Whilst you are accessing this good time state seeing. Hearing, feeling, and touching rub your forefinger and thumb together the whole time so you are anchoring the feeling physically. Do this exercise for a good couple of minutes and then see yourself going into your job in that confident winning state. You must practice this every day for this to be successful and to reprogram your brain You can access this happy uptime state any time you need it before an important occasion.

Source by Cathy Farthing-Barrow