Residential Air Conditioning Named Top Innovation

When you think of the innovations that have changed the way of life for people in America, what comes to mind? Naturally, everyone thinks of the personal computer and the telephone. Some may name penicillin, the Internet, or frozen food. But in a recent survey conducted by The Henry Ford Museum and America Online, residential air conditioning was named America’s top innovation.

“I think it’s incredibly exciting that our industry is being recognized by the American public as one that has changed the lifestyle of Americans,” said Jack Dowling, owner of RS Andrews. “I’m honored to provide top notch service to the homeowners in Atlanta that want to experience the true comfort of America’s top innovation.”

The poll debuted at 5 a.m. on Monday, July 22nd and closed at midnight on August 5th. Nearly 2.5 million votes were cast, sparking national debate on the innovations that have most influenced and or changed the way Americans live today. Each day polls on AOL record an average of 1 million votes, making it a leading source for gauging public opinion in America.

“The outcome of this poll offers us tremendous insight into what Americans most admire in innovation. Above all else, we want to be comfortable and healthy,” said Steve Hamp, President of The Henry Ford Museum.

While residential air conditioning topped the list, the rest of the top ten included penicillin, personal computers, global positioning satellites, cell phones, broadcast television, the Social Security Act, the Internet, frozen food, and the polio vaccine.

Homeowners in the Atlanta area who would like to learn more about making their home comfortable and healthy by utilizing America’s number one innovation can contact RS Andrews at 770-454-1800 or check the RS Andrews website at

Source by Stacy Dowling